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Kybella Injections for Double Chin
La Nouvelle kybella injections for double chin

Kybella Injections for double chin

As always La Nouvelle Medical Spa is at the forefront of medical aesthetics. Kybella is an injection that have been approved by the FDA. It helps reduce double chins without surgery by dissolving the fat under the chin. Here are more details about the procedure.

How does it work?

When it disappears, it disappears permanently. The drug destroys the fat cell's membrane, causing it to burst. What remains of the fat cell is absorbed back into the body via normal metabolic pathways. Kybella is identical to something your body makes called deoxycholic acid, which helps to absorb fats, the FDA says. It works by destroying fat cells. It can also destroy other kinds of cells, including skin cells, if it's not used correctly.

The shot is an alternative to liposuction or surgery to treat double-chin fat.

How much is needed?

Usually a doctor draws a grid of tiny dots beneath her patient's chin and injects 0.2 cubic centimeters into each dot. How many injections needed? It varies. On average patients will need a series of 12-20 injections per visit. You may need two to three total visits, spaced a month apart. Some people may get up to 50 injections in a single treatment, with up to six single treatments no less than a month apart, the FDA says. Many people saw results in two to four treatments, according to Kythera.

How long does it take?

Each treatment takes about 15 minutes.

What's recovery like?

It takes two or three days to heal. And no bandages are required.


kybella injections for double chin




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